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Onboarding process to become a Document Provider

Diagram: DocProvider onboarding process

DocProvider initial request

First you can contact in order to explain in a high-level way what is expected with you future e-Box integration as new DocProvider, for which business/use cases, and a first idea of the volume (number of provided documents) and the expected planning.

Agreement in principle of the NSSO

Before starting any integration, it is necessary to obtain a first agreement in principle from the NSSO. This agreement will be requested by the eBoxIntegration team to the NSSO e-Box managers.

Kick-off meeting

This step is optional but often very useful in order to answer any questions before starting the technical integration.

Formal request & contract + certificate

In order to officially become a new DocProvider, please send the following documents to

Request validation & configuration (ACC)

The eBoxIntegration team is responsible for technically validating the received form. A formal validation of the NSSO is confirmed at this stage. The onboarding with the OAuth2 Authorization Server is managed by our technical teams, based on the information you sent.

Implementation and tests

Here is the main step, when you are going to implement your own MessageRegistry, based on the API and the development guidelines given in the next section. Of course it is important to test your service and the security before proceeding to the next step.

Integration of your Web Service & configuration (PRD)

At this step, you can deploy a test version of your MessageRegistry that can be integrated into our Acceptance environment. We can then check the integration with the user interface of the federated e-Box. As soon as the verifications are conclusive, we carry out the necessary configurations directly in Production.

Deploy in Production

You can now deploy your service in the production environment. It is recommended to proceed with the different sanity checks before ‘going live’.


Your integration with the e-Box system can finally ‘go live’. Congratulations, you are now actually part of the e-Box galaxy!